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H.R. Ewell

"Throughout our relationship with Protective Insurance, all claims have been handled quickly and efficiently. In a recent scenario, we called our claims contact and she had an adjuster out to us in just 30 minutes. Protective worked collaboratively with us and helped us throughout the claims process. The relationship we have with Protective has exceeded our needs by providing a strong loss control presence and superior claims handling."

Calvin Ewell

Palletized Trucking

"Protective Insurance is a true partner. All areas of their company have been very responsive to our needs. Protective wants to understand our business in order to better serve us. They are always accessible and respond in a timely manner. We are looking forward to depending on Protective in the future."

Jessica King
Chief Financial Officer


"Protective Insurance is a great long-term partner. The flexibility and willingness to customize their policy to our business model throughout the last 10 years has allowed us to continually grow. Protective is an excellent fit."

Craig Bollinger
Senior Vice President

Pitt Ohio

"Protective Insurance has been a proactive and important part of our acquisition strategy. These projects don’t typically happen with a lot of forewarning so we need a risk management partner who is flexible, adaptable, and brings us insight and expertise that contributes to the success of the deal. Protective has consistently done that for us, being quick to respond to our needs and more than willing to put in whatever effort is necessary to help us meet our goals."

Jim Fields
Chief Operating Officer

Lynden Incorporated

"Many insurers thought our operations were high risk due to the challenging locations we serve. Protective Insurance was proactive in understanding our business and developing an insurance program that fit our needs. They’ve also been a major contributor to enhancing our safety culture. They’re unique in the insurance field in not only helping us control losses, but also becoming a partner in loss prevention."

John Burdick
President & CEO

AIM NationaLease

"When we started talking to Protective Insurance years ago, our business model was a little outside their comfort zone. By keeping communication open, they were able to better understand what we do and customize an insurance program specifically to fit our needs."

Tom Fleming
Owner & CEO


"If you're a safety-first company, there is no better partner than Protective Insurance. Their value-added programs have made our entire operation more safety conscious and aware of our exposures. Because of that, we can price our product better, making us more profitable."

Wayne Gadberry
President and CEO

Boyle Transportation

"For nearly 20 years, Protective Insurance has been a valued partner. Not only do they offer the financial wherewithal to underwrite our business, but they also provide trucking-specific expertise to help us continually improve our operations. That’s the difference between a transaction and a mutually beneficial relationship."

Marc Boyle, President & CEO
Andrew Boyle, Executive Vice President & CFO

Wheaton World Wide Moving & Bekins Van Lines

"When going through the process of acquiring Bekins Van Lines, Wheaton put its trust in Protective Insurance. Not only did they provide proactive insurance solutions, they also sent a team of loss prevention experts to perform a comprehensive risk analysis audit. Protective is not just our insurance provider, they are a true partner."

Mark Kirschner

D.M. Bowman, Inc.

"We've trusted Protective Insurance to meet our insurance needs for 15 years. From day one, they've been more than just an insurance provider. Protective is a partner who cares just as much about keeping our drivers safe and protecting our bottom line as we do. It's this commitment and dedication that keeps our relationship mutually beneficial."

Don Bowman
Owner and Chairman of the Board