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Zywave’s content library offers thousands of professionally curated resources on various topics such as safety, risk management, compliance, industry-specific news & developments, workers’ compensation, cyber and emerging risks, and more. This resource is available to Protective Insurance policy holders at no charge.

State & Federal Compliance

State and federal regulations are constantly in flux, which can make it difficult for businesses to remain complaint. Zywave’s Compliance Bulletins and Compliance Overviews are written by an attorney and provide easy-to-understand summaries of new or changing legislation handed down by OSHA, the Department of Transportation, National Labor Relations Board, Department of Labor and others.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

For motor carriers, driver safety, detailed recordkeeping requirements and fleet management are constant challenges. Additionally, FMCSA compliance can be complex and a significant burden for organizations without the proper resources. Our employer- and employee-facing resources can help businesses understand applicable regulations and avoid potential fines that can easily reach six figures or more. Furthermore, these resources can be used to educate both managers and drivers on risks, lowering operating costs and providing employees with the tools they need to stay safe on the road.

Workers Compensation Resources

To help manage workers’ compensation programs, businesses need to understand cost-management strategies, establish a return-to-work program and address their compliance requirements. The resource library contains hundreds of materials that can help organizations accomplish these goals and manage workers’ compensation-related risks.

Driver Training and Safety Education

Tap into a library containing hundreds of driver-facing safety briefs, available in English and Spanish, in support of your ongoing safety programs and educational efforts

Fleet Management Resources

It isn’t enough for fleet managers and drivers to simply be aware of safety standards and common transportation hazards, like distracted driving, vehicle maintenance, inclement weather and rollovers. Motor carriers need to ensure that employees are committed to the business’s safety policies. Not only does employee buy-in help motor carriers cut costs related to injuries and illnesses, but it can also improve road safety and prevent compliance issues. To drive such buy-in, we have a number of resources dedicated to fleet management and safety, including guides, checklists, sample policies and more.

Commercial Risk Advisor Newsletters

Staying up-to-date on common risk management topics and industry trends is invaluable for businesses of all kinds. Our monthly and quarterly newsletters highlight common, developing and newsworthy risk management and insurance topics, helping employers explore coverage options and understand their risks.

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Building a Safety Culture

Loss Prevention & Safety