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The following are some of the reasons why a return-to-work program could benefit your business:

  1. Increase the likelihood of employees returning to work. Injured employees who remain off work longer than 6 months have only a 50% likelihood of ever returning to their job. That likelihood decreases to less than 10% if time lost exceeds one year.
  2. Injured employees return to work up to 50% sooner. In companies that have well-managed return-to-work programs including transitional duty, up to 90% of injured employees go back to work within four days of the injury.
  3. Reduce claims costs up to 70%. Not only are lost-time days reduced, but studies show medical costs are also reduced.
  4. Faster recovery period. Good return-to-work programs treat work as therapy to help the employee recover up to three times faster than if they stayed at home.
  5. Reduce award costs. The potential for an employee to become totally and permanently disabled is greatly decreased.
  6. Reduce contentious litigation. Employees are less likely to feel their rights have been violated causing them to engage a lawyer.
  7. Avoid hiring and training a replacement worker. Temporary labor can be expensive, especially when the new worker must be trained.
  8. Reduce fraud. Return-to-work programs demonstrate that getting injured doesn't necessarily mean getting paid for being out of work.
  9. Increase employee morale. Return-to-work programs are a testament that employees are a valuable company asset rather than a disposable resource.
  10. It's effective. More than 90 percent of employers using return-to-work programs say they are effective.

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