February 2012


Off the Clock: Driver Safety at Home

Nearly three times as many employees are injured off the job than while at work, according to NSC. Motor carriers are affected due to sick day pay, loss of productivity and potentially having to find a replacement driver or worker. Help keep your drivers and workers accident free off the job by incorporating home safety tips into your training.  more >>

Avoid Violating Pre-Employment Drug Testing Regulations

Employers are often eager to fill the void left when facing a vacant driver position. In the rush to qualify a new driver, they shouldn't overlook an important aspect of the pre-employment screening process: drug testing regulations. Employers have to wait to verify negative results of the drug test before a prospective driver performs any safety-sensitive functions.  more >>

Commonly Overlooked Pre-Trip Inspection

All drivers know the importance of performing a proper pre-trip inspection of their unit so they can operate safely on the road. However, the most important pre-trip inspection is one that's often overlooked: making sure drivers themselves are in good condition to be on the road.  more >>

OSHA Recordkeeping: Medical Treatment Versus First Aid

When an employee is injured or suffers illness from a work-related incident, one of your first steps after administering care is to record the incident in your OSHA incident log. But did you know that depending on the type of care you provide in response to a work-related injury, you may not need to record it?  more >>

Spotlight on Safety: Daily Express Honors Safe Drivers

On Jan. 7, Daily Express, Inc. of Carlisle, Pa., held its 45th annual Safety Awards Banquet to honor 222 contractors and drivers. Safety awards were presented for operating 12 consecutive months without involvement in a preventable accident.  more >>


SAFETY MESSAGE: New BASIC Factsheets Released

The Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program released new Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Category (BASIC) factsheets to help motor carriers and drivers improve their safety performance. The categories include unsafe driving, fatigued driving (hours of service), driver fitness, controlled substances/alcohol, vehicle maintenance, cargo-related and crash indicator. Each factsheet gives a description of the category, important documents related to it and how to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

All seven factsheets are available to download on the CSA Resources webpage.


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