January 2012


Winter Weather Driving: Planning Ahead

If one of your drivers became stranded during a snow storm, would they have the necessary tools to survive until help arrived? It may sound extreme, but the winter presents many unpredictable challenges and hazards for drivers. This article, the first in a two-part series, touches on pre-trip planning that will help your drivers be better equipped to handle winter weather obstacles.  more >>

Winter Weather Driving: On the Road

In addition to planning ahead, your drivers need to know how to handle severe road conditions that accompany winter weather driving. This article, the second in a two-part series, focuses on driving techniques for inclement weather as well as how to pull onto the shoulder safely and what to do if a driver becomes stranded.  more >>

Precautions to Take When Bobtailing and Driving Light or Empty Loads

Driving bobtail units or light or empty loads presents unique hazards. Drivers must compensate for their trucks not being weighed down by cargo by adjusting how they brake, increasing their following distance and rechecking their vehicle clearance.  more >>

The Quill of Champions

The ATA's National Truck & Safety Contests recognize the extraordinary safety accomplishments of motor carriers across the United States by operation type and size. Baldwin & Lyons would like to recognize our insureds who received awards at these contests. We congratulate them on their commitment to safety! more >>

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REMINDER: Summary of Losses Must be Posted by February 1

By February 1, your company must post a summary of all occupational injuries and illnesses that occurred in the last calendar year in order to comply with Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. If your company didn’t have any injuries or illnesses, write in zero totals. The summary should be publicly posted where all employees can see it and must remain up until April 30. Failure to follow the OSHA regulation may result in citations and penalties. OSHA Form 300A, summary of work-related injuries and illnesses, is available for download on their website.


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