November 2011


Tips to Prevent Distracted Driving

Four seconds is the average time it takes a person to dial a phone number and press send. For drivers, every second their eyes are off the road is an opportunity for an accident to occur. Increase driver safety and prevent accidents by understanding the various ways drivers can be distracted, creating policies to deter unsafe behaviors, and engaging drivers through open discussions and training seminars.  more >>

Holiday Driving Hazards

The holiday season is almost here and across the country people are pulling out their decorations, planning parties and searching for the perfect gift for everyone on their list. For drivers, however, the holidays bring additional hazards to look out for including increased travel, sharing the road with intoxicated drivers, drivers not accustomed to long trips and battling poor driving conditions.  more >>

Avoiding Re-entry Collisions

"Car driver dies in collision with tractor-trailer re-entering from shoulder." It's a headline no one wants to read but it does happen. One of the riskiest moves a driver has to make is merging into traffic. It's even more dangerous when a driver is re-entering highway traffic from a parked position on the shoulder. Drivers can take five steps to avoid re-entry collisions.  more >>

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SAFETY UPDATE: Latest Idling Regulations

Several states and districts have revised their regulations to encourage less idling. To help your drivers comply with these new laws, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has released an updated Idling Regulations Compendium, effective July 2011. The compendium, as well as a cab card version designed to fit in a glove compartment, are available for free online at www.atri-online.org

The compendium lists maximum idling times, fines and exemptions for 49 state, district, county and city regulations. Links to specific state, county and city codes are listed within the compendium. Please note that the information contained in this compendium is intended for reference purposes only and should not be relied upon for regulatory compliance as it is subject to change.

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