July 2011


Prevent Loading Dock Accidents

Loading docks present the potential for severe accidents and have been identified as the location where 25 percent of all industrial accidents occur. Train staff and implement a regular maintenance program to reduce the number of loading dock accidents at your facility. { more }

Protect Your Crew from Loading Dock Injuries

To prevent serious and even deadly consequences on the loading dock, workers must use caution and adhere to certain safety guidelines at all times. { more }

A Clean Facility is a Safe Facility

Keeping your trucking facility in tiptop shape will contribute to a safe and efficient operation. Each area of your facility has specific requirements that need to be addressed. { more }

Be Aware of Summertime Driving Challenges

You made it through the winter and the poor road conditions that accompanied it; but this is no time to let your guard down. July and August are the most dangerous months of the year for severe driving-related injuries and deaths. { more }

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Promote Safety Awareness

Provide brief safety messages to your drivers and workers on a regular basis. Maintaining a safe operation is not just the responsibility of your drivers or the safety department. Every member of your company can help create a culture of safety.

Anyone who interacts with drivers, including all management personnel, should end their conversations with a short message reminding them to focus on safety. These messages provide a regular source of safety information to drivers and demonstrate that the entire staff takes interest in them and their well-being.

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